Hello world!

Welcome to Missions Forum! A couple of buddies and myself had been posting on www.missionsforum.blogspot.com. If you arrived here looking for that site, you can click on the link above. I believe we will still be posting there occassionally. I wanted to get this blog on wordpress up a running, because, frankly, we like wordpress better than blogspot. I am not sure I we will completely transition away from the blogspot address, but because of google-alities, I can not log in to post their any longer.

To Google: So long, fare well, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Bye-ye!

To WordPress: “Good Morning, Vietnam!”

I’ll be using this blog to put out my thoughts on some key missions books I am reading. I hope to challenge you to come along with me on this ride called the Mission-Driven Life. I’ll explain that idea soon.

My main concern here is not academic, though I love academics. What I want to investigate is how to live the Christian life more like Jesus modeled and the apostles explained. Ultimately, How can we love God more and genuinely love our neighbor?

I wish I were an expert in answering this question, but I feel I am but a novice, a journeyman at best. Please, let us encourage each other to keep running the race well.

Peace and love,


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