Revival–When God Comes Down

After some exploration through the Archives of the IMB, I came across reports of a revival that swept through the North China Mission from 1927-1937, called The Shantung Revival. This search inagaurated my quest for the gentle wind of the Holy Spirit called revival. The tough thing is actually defining the term. It can be used to refer to revival meetings or to revival preachers or to revivalism, but there is something that is different from these ideas when it comes to actual revival. This will be something I come back to from time to time on this blog. But please, if you have the time, answer the following questions:

What does the term “revival” mean to you?

Have you ever experienced revival personally?

Have you ever experienced revival in a church setting, or in a group?

Do you believe there are things in your life, or in your church, the inhibit the work of the Holy Spirit through revival?

Is there something you can do to spark revival?

Do you seek after God the way Jacob sought after God’s face when he wrestled with Him all night?




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  1. 1. Pretty much the same thing you’ve said. It is the moving of God. Perhaps it is better to say what it is not. It is not a meeting or a crusade. It is when God calls his people to step out in faith and trust him and fruit springs up all around. (Loose definition)

    2. Somewhat…it was when I felt God call me away from a life in the music producing biz and into the missions biz. 🙂

    3. No

    4. Yes.

    5. Nope, only God can do it.

    6. Sometimes, but I guess it depends on my interpretation of that doesn’t it.

    Keep up the good work man!

  2. Dougald,

    Sometimes I feel like I’m close to personal revival. I am seeking after God, though I am often distracted by my selfish desires. I think revival is something of a different order. Its not just when I feel close to God, but when I really feel his presence and power to love Him and to love others. I believe the result of this would be permanent spiritual change (though not complete–that comes only in heaven).

    Regarding you answer to my last question, do you have a different interpretation?


  3. Wes,

    Not really, I’m just throwing out some post-modern jargon. 😆

    Hey, have you listened to Dr. Davis over at Nathan’s blog. He talks about this very thing…in a way.


  4. 1. Revival is when lots of people get their hearts right with Jesus. It first takes place when the saints of God humble themselves and turn whole heartedly back to God and out of this united confession of Jesus as Lord, God brings in a large harvest of lost souls. Society is then transformed because their are so many individuals that are walking in relationship with Jesus.

    2. I would say that I have experienced seasons of renewal and refreshing in my life where I have been drawn close to the Lord. I think revival is something that is much larger than any one individual.

    3. I have seen revival on a limited scale in large group settings. I did ministry at a private school once where I saw the power of God break out. Kids got saved, parents got saved, and the town where we were working was effected. But I have to say it was limitted to just families that were directly connected to the school.

    4. I would like to say no, but that would not be true. The biggest hinderance in my life is me. Too often, I live in selfishness and pride. It is my daily battle to crucify these parts of my life, but Christ is strong in my weakness. Even in areas where we struggle, I believe, if our hearts long for the Lord to have His way, He will.

    5. If you study revival, you will find that massive revival has always been proceeded by united cooperate prayer and fasting. In this way I beleive that we can beseech the King of Heaven to come down and heal our land. On the other hand, the desire to have God intervene is a gift of His grace towards His creation. Without the desire for God to come and move, there would be no prayer and no revival.

    6. I try to. The prayer of my heart lately has been found in the 1st chapter of Ephesians. I pray that God would give me a spirit of wisdom and of revelation according to the knowledge of Him. It is this revelation of Jesus that lets us trully lay our lives down for Him in the act of intercession. In this way yes, I have a heart that longs to wrestle with God.

    Great post, these are some really good questions.

    Pray this year for Gods power to be poured out on college campuses. I believe that there is a mighty awakening that is about to take place in the US on colleges from coast to coast. Pray for spirit field preachers, evangelist and ministers to be sent to college campuses. God is on the move and He is asking us to be apart of what He is doing.

  5. Kurt, thanks for stopping by and for your great response.

    In line with your answer to number, I agree that I am the biggest hinderance to revival in my life and beyond. I’m going to post about this soon.

    I will pray for our campuses. It’s amazing, you are the second person in the past week that said we are on the verge of revival. May it be so!!!



  6. Last night in church, our Bible study was on “revival” and we are planning a set of services the last part of this month and calling it “The End of Summer Bash”. It is not a VBS but there will be special classes and services going on for all ages.

    As I sat there, the Lord impressed me to take the word and dissect it. Here is what I got and I would like to share it with you.

    Rev – most common association is with an engine. Hence the meanings “to fire up immensely” and “sounding off with power”.

    I – speaking of me or myself

    Val – an abbreviation for the word valiant. Some meanings are ” strong, mighty, glorious, triumphant, and beautifully done”.

    Putting this word back together and using these meanings, I came up with the following.

    Empowering me by firing up immensely and sounding off with the power of the Holy Ghost and triumphing strongly(or in a mighty way) and displaying God’s glories in a beautiful way to all that I come in contact with.

    I will never look at the word “revival” again in the same way.

  7. Calvin, thanks for sharing. God has used revival meetings in the past. The key is having a revival that lasts, one that affects all parts of life. Charles Finney gave these warnings:

    Revivals decline, commonly because it is impossible to make the church feel their guilt and their dependence, so as to break down before God. It is important that ministers should understand this, and learn how to break down the church, and break down themselves when they need it, or else Christians soon will become mechanical in their work, and lose their fervor and power of prevailing with God.

    True revival begins in the heart and has enduring fruit. Pray that your meetings will only be a beginning of revival, not just a revival meeting or singular revival experience. I believe that revival is of a different order of experience than what I have come to know. I seek to abide in the presence of God and experience true revival.

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