Who said it? Jonathan Edwards or Charles Finney

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Charles Finney               or              Jonathan Edwards

Today, we’re going to play a game of “Who Said It?”.

  1. Men are wholly indisposed to obey God…Unless God interpose the influence of His Spirit, not a man on earth will ever obey the command of God.
  2. It is surely no argument that an effect is not from God that means are used in producing it…for we know that it is God’s manner to make use of means in carrying on his work in the world.
  3. For indeed spiritual and eternal things are so great, and of such infinite concern, that there is a great absurdity in men being but moderately moved and affected by them…that they are affected with these things in some measure as they deserve, or in some proportion to their importance.
  4. Revival of religions is the purely philosophical result of the right use of constituted means…but means will not produce a revival, we all know, without the blessing of God.
  5. The will is, in a sense, enslaved by the carnal and worldly desires. Hence it is necessary to awaken men to a sense of guilt and danger, and thus produce an excitement of counter feeling and desire which will break the power of carnal and worldly desire.
  6. I want you, as fast as you learn anything on the subject of revivals, to put it in practice, and go to work and see if you cannot promote a revival among sinners here.
  7. What the church has been used to, is not a rule by which we are to judge; because there may be new and extraordinary works of God, and he has heretofore evidently wrought in an extraordinary manner.


Add yours →

  1. 1. Finney
    2. Edwards
    3. Edwards
    4. Finney
    5. Finney
    6. Finney
    7. Edwards

  2. Wes hid them, so I could stomp you without cheating!

    1. JE
    2. JE
    3. JE
    4. CF
    5. JE
    6. CF
    7. JE

    Do I win a cookie?


  3. Why was I not invited? I would like to challenge the winner.

  4. Scott, you are welcome to take the challenge. I have yet to reveal the correct answers. So please, “Who Said It?”

  5. 1.cf

  6. The correct answers are:

    1. Finney, Lectures on Revival, Lecture 1, p 1.

    2. Edwards, Distinguishing Marks, in Jonathan Edwards on Revival, p 98.

    3. Edwards, Marks, p 95.

    4. Finney, Lecture 1, p 5.

    5. Finney, Lecture 1, p 2.

    6. Finney, Lecture 1, p 15.

    7. Edwards, Marks, p 89.

    Thank you all for playing!

  7. Am I counting wrong or did Dougald win?


  8. Scott, no worries,

    Dougald had been exposed to one of the answers a few days earlier, but he claims his ability to get them all right was that he focused on the differing writing styles. Good for a guy seeking to study the OT.

    Thanks for playing though. We’ll have more of these later!

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