Church: What is it?

Please check out a post by a dear brother, Alan Knox, on the distinctions we make in Scripture regarding the church here!. I think you will be challenged.

Honestly, I am a local church kind of guy still trying to wrestle with some questions in scripture about the church. Still, I think there is a universal church, in that we are united as believers in Christ. But you will find that the local/universal distinction in scripture is tricky. My buddy Alan believes that it’s not biblical (I don’t think he is saying its unbiblical, as in sinful, only non-biblical, as in a man-created distinction). Ask him some questions and tell him what you think. I believe you will be challenged and grow in your understanding.



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  1. Wes,

    Thanks for the link to my blog, and for the kind words.


  2. Man, I am still wrestling with this issue, because you are really challenging me to think through this since last Fall’s seminar. Why do I hold so tightly to this theological distinction? Perhaps it is because of the theological lens that is clouding me from seeing the text. I think for me to change my understanding it would be of Copernican proportions. I would feel free in a lot of areas that I don’t right now. I’ll have to talk about those later.

    Thanks bro,


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