Where? Oh, Where? has my little dog gone?

Sorry, its been a couple of days since I made a post. But I’ve got some great news:

 First, Congrats to Scott on the birth of his fourth child!

 Second, Praise God! He answered the prayers of my buddy Mark and provided a new exciting job for him!

 Third, Thank you Jesus! and thank you for your prayers, not only did God provide for me to attend the upcoming EMS conference, but My boss at the cozy, comfortable Sleep Inn awarded me a raise. AND, now announcing publically, the Handy family is expecting our third child! Probable due date is in March. Please pray for us!

Also, I have been busy researching on “the Great Revival (1907)” in Korea. It is very exciting and I will be sharing lots with you about it over the next several weeks. Also be on the lookout for the continuation of the series on Mark Driscoll.


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  1. Wes, thanks for the congrats and we celebrate with you both in this wonderful news! Mommy and Baby are doing wonderful. We have posted some pics on http://www.hereatourhouse.blogspot.com

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