A Christian Perspective on Race Relations from a Brother who is also African American

Pastor Lance, at Blaque Tulip.com, in a post entitled The Little Rock Nine 40 years later gives his answer on how we can handle race problems in a way that leads to unity.

First, he believes the church has to tackle this issue head on, less we be but talking heads.

Second, he firmly believes that goal is not just political correctness, but the effort is made for the sake of the gospel.

He says

Is this the only issue that the people of God must target in our effort to witness of the truth of the gospel and follow our mandate to disciple our culture? No it is not. But along with abortion, global warming and homosexuality it’s a cultural issue that we have the responsibility and opportunity to tackle in a theologically driven manner.

I say amen!

He calls the church to start talking about this issue, no longer talking past one another. This takes a lot of humility. Later in the post, Pastor Lance rightly reminds us of Philippians 2:2-5. Let us humble ourselves and be of the same mind in Christ.

He urges us to keep the glory of God and the spread of his gospel as center to the discussion. It is not elevating “our own people’s ethnic agenda.”

He says what I am saying

If issues of race are hindering the gospel’s impact [then] we deal with it not ignore it.

Amen! Let us not ignore it any longer!

He concludes pointing out the great benefit diversity will have on the church. Ultimately, biblical unity, as a result of the power of the gospel, first in reconciling us to God, then to each other, is a beautiful picture of the peace of God.

I know, I just summarized his post, but go to his site regularly and read, because he is a man who loves Jesus, loves Scripture, and desires something for the church that may be hindering us, currently, from seeing the glory of God through the gospel–unity among brothers.


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  1. “He says what I am saying”

    In the post to which you linked, Pastor Lance absolutely did not say what you began by saying (that to which my objection has been directed):
    “Unless white people humble themselves and initiate reconciliation, I believe it is almost impossible to acheive”
    and, “White brothers, will you repent and seek reconciliation?”

    “If issues of race are hindering the gospel’s impact” What?! All this time, I thought we were talking about the one true, living, sovereign God “who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will” and about Whose Gospel Paul writes, “And even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing.”

    Someone well-known would serve as a more convincing endorsement. A couple of “big” names who already have long since endorsed your “call” to your White brothers: Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan (maybe).

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