Jena Revival Continues

Baptist Press just released this article today–“This Time Around, Jena is Making Spiritual Headlines.”

Who knows if the national media will return to Jena, LA. But God has been working there even through the toughest times. The article reports that a pastors’ prayer alliance formed in 2006. The town saw its darkest moments in the wake of the social inequalities of the Jena 6 fiasco throughout 2007. But all hope was not lost for Jena:

“The burden on the hearts of those men, it goes beyond the walls of First Baptist and into the community,” DiCarlo [president of the prayer alliance] said. “Last Thanksgiving [2007] we had a community-wide thanksgiving service … that was truly a community event. We saw then once again that the larger family of God in the community of Jena ached for reconciliation.” Perhaps 500 people — blacks, whites and Native Americans — attended that service.”

Now, in the revival’s fourth week, crowds nearing 900 are crowding into the High School Gymnasium on a nightly basis. This in a town of less than 3000, of which reportedly 70% are unchurched.



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  1. Elizabeth Smith March 15, 2008 — 10:07

    Once I heard of this great revival – it reminded me of men in the Bible who said basically “what the devil meant for my harm, God worked for my good.” My prayers are with the people of Jena and that this will indeed impact the area and eventually the world. God Bless American.

    Elizabeth P. Smith

  2. Elizabeth,

    Thank you for your comments. God has a history of taking situations that appear to be destroyed by human sin and pride and making something beautiful. This is what he has done with my soul! May His cleansing power continue to reign in Jena, and in all of our hearts!

  3. Elizabeth Smith April 2, 2008 — 22:29

    My church family, First West, West Monroe, LA are very excited about the Jena Revival. We receive weekly reports every Wed. night about Revival happenings. Hope to be there soon. My prayer for the Holy Spirit power to revive our hearts here in Northeast LA, and to remove anything within me not pleasing to God. Blessings!

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