God is Bigger than Race!!!

Jena, LA, is going from this…. 

to this…


What the national media is not covering demonstrates our nations lust for disunity and discord. Ironically, the one thing that people marched for “unity” and “justice” is being fulfilled in Jena, LA. Crowds aren’t thronging this city again to see the work and the change. Oh, that they would. In the revival, reported to be in its 7th week (that means coming on 50 days!!!; see the Baptist Press article here), equality is being realized as every person’s differences are equalized before the cross of Jesus. Black and White are unified in the gospel. They are worshipping together, confessing together, singing together, sitting together. The seventh week of the revival will be held in a 1,000 person tent on the exact spot that the Reverends Jackson and Sharpton led 20,000 people in protest of the injustices made towards the Jena 6. It is fitting that unity be found on this exact location, it is symbolic of the life-giving peace of the gospel. It is symbolic of the healing power of the gospel. Whereas the deep chasms of inequality in Jena were exposed by the protests, the power of the gospel in suturing those fissures with love, humility, and grace is exemplified in the revival. How is this possible? One word–Repentance!

Without humble repentance, the revival is nothing more than a band-aid on wrist laceration. May it never be! May what is happening in Jena spread to our whole nation!



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  1. As for the national media:
    I do not at all believe the lack of coverage is a reflection on our nation, but a reflection on the national media. They are not entirely market-driven. They have an agenda, which as you know, does not include anything promoting, condoning, or even casting in a positive light the worship of God.

    As for your before and after pictures:
    Before, Jena’s streets were filled with a mob of angry, mostly black people from elsewhere. After, Jena’s churches are filled with God-worshipping, mostly white people from Jena.

    Praise God for revival, but these pictures do not represent racial reconciliation. I mean to be inquiring rather than suspicious, but if I saw a mob of people on my street who were shouting and raising their fists in anger at people who looked like me, I would start praying too.

    As for the Revival:
    It started out as a “revival meeting”, which is not at all a revival. But, of course, that doesn’t mean it cannot become a genuine revival. In fact God may have inspired those men to do this very thing.

    The article describes the event with the phrases “reconciliation both relational and racial”, “personal forgiveness”, and “forgiveness for their personal role”, all of which suggest a powerful and God-glorifying event. These phrases indicate sin being addressed is not limited to racism. They also indicate an approrpriate response to sin, as opposed to some categorical (racially-defined) response like what you have suggested recently.

    The article also mentions the expressed desire of black Church leaders that “more from the black community will attend”. This suggests that what we might reasonably expect to be real, lasting reconciliation has yet to materialize or perhaps even begin (visibly). However, there is no other foundation on which such peace can be made than Jesus himself.

    So, praise God for what he has done, and praise him too for what he will yet do in Jena!

  2. I am a pastor of a small church near Jena and have members who have family in Jena. The media is not covering the whole story and it does seem that God has come down. After reading Dr. Storm’s article on revival (alot is taken from Packer) the Jena situation seems to match the work of God. Racial lines have become thinned and reconciliation is happening. Are there still those stuck in their sin of racism, yes. But God’s people are working on rebuilding a town for the glory of God.

  3. So, praise God for what he has done, and praise him too for what he will yet do in Jena!

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