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I will on occasion resume posting on this blog. Its been a while, but I have had some people still commenting on old posts. So I think God is still using this blog. Look for something once every other week from me.




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  1. Barbara Shantz June 16, 2009 — 17:32

    Kinda weirded out – just accidentally found your “Nevius” posts while looking for stuff on Glenn Schwartz (took some classes in Germany featuring his work last year). How have I missed Nevius?? I guess I’ve just never studied the Korean revival.

    But I have just spent the last 5+ years living and learning with (and then advising) Churches in Eastern Europe in the principles of “interdependency” – Acts 1:8 style. I’ve found that local, “receiving” churches who get involved in missions and take their eyes off themselves and their needs, often raise funds for missions as well as the funds they need for the local church. Along the way, they participate practically in the mandate for the church and practice “inter|dependence” that encourages dignity and equality of cultures.

    I was disappointed to see that the blogs were quite out of date – but have sent the info on to a Serbian research team anyway.

    THEN I look into where you are and find out that we’re in the same area and my husband and I went to a Durham Bulls game last night…. and you just updated yesterday or I wouldn’t have bothered to write.

    ANYWAY: My question to you: Do you have any further information on this topic or do you know of anyone else working on it? I’ve just moved back here again to expand my research to more global work. I found the Schwartz book and series to be helpful. He does an excellent job helping us understand some of the African non-dignified mindset – I attended his course with someone from Ghana who sat dumbfounded, spellbound and inspired at his insights. (Although I do agree that his book and image could use some polishing :-))

  2. Barbara,

    wow! I haven’t blogged in a long time until I have just been recently getting a lot of hits and comments. I’m glad you wrote.

    If you don’t mind, please clarify your quesiton.

    Which topic are you asking about? Interdependency, Nevius, Self-Supporting?

    Let me know and I’m more than happy to assist. I’ve written more, (but haven’t blogged) on similar topics recently so I may have something and some contacts. I would love to interact over this. Thanks!

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