Your Church and Mission

My good friend and dear brother in the Lord, Dougald, and I are working together to assist our local gathering of believers to come up with a handbook of sorts for everything our church does related to missions. Our goal is to be biblical, and yet strategic, missional while integrating mission(s) with the whole body life of the church. We understand that we cannot do this alone. We are member/participants in our local body and also co-workers with the larger body of Christ. We have a blog that we are using primarily for our own purposes in discussing the issues at hand, but we also would love any and all constructive input.

Here is a link to some questions we need assistance in answering, but I’ll also list them below. Feel free to leave as much feedback as possible in the comments. I may ask these in future posts one by one with some of my initial thoughts as well.

  1. How do you relate missions to the overall life of the church?
  2. How does your theology of mission(s) drive the manner in which your church participates in the missio Dei?
  3. Do you distinguish between mission and missions or between missions and evangelism? If so, why?
  4. What role does pragmatics play in your view of mission(s)?
  5. Is there anything your church would never consider as mission(s)?
  6. How do you view the relationship between short term missions (STM) and long-term/career missions?
  7. Do you see a major difference between missions undertaken in your home country and those undertaken outside your home country? Or is there another way you distinguish some missions from another?
  8. Does your church participate in local, state, regional, national and/or international missions? If so, to what degree? Why?
  9. What process do you already have in place for training/raising up missionaries from your own body? Does this relate to your process of selection/ordination of other church officers?
  10. What is your continued relationship to on-the-field missionaries commissioned by your body?
  11. How do you determine if someone is qualified to serve as a missionary?
  12. How do you determine if someone is qualified to participate in STM? Believer? Baptized? Baptist? Only from within church? From other churches?
  13. What training do you expect from career missionaries? What part of this training does your church provide? Would you recommend seminary training?
  14. What training do you require for STM teams? What objectives drive the level and type of training you provide?
  15. With whom do you partner in STM? What geographical areas, if any, do you prioritize? Do you prioritize according to something other than geography? If so, what? Why?
  16. Does your church play a role in helping determine what areas that career missionaries should serve?
  17. Has your church adopted an UPG? If so, do you send teams to this group? What are your long term goals as a church towards reaching this group?
  18. Do you have anything in writing, such as a mission statement, comprehensive strategy, handbook, forms, applications, etc., that you are willing to share with us? Can we use any or all of this information without citation?

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