Homeschooling is a Long-Term Commitment

In my previous posts, I have been discussing my thoughts on homeschooling. In my last post, I claimed that homeschooling is challenging, especially for a mother. I also gave a challenge for fathers to be actively involved in homeschooling on several levels. It is important for both parents to realize the difficulties and limitations that homeschooling brings to the family. And while the road ahead may be difficult, it also is long; still, there is real gold at the end! Thus…

Homeschooling is a long-term commitment to your children.However frightened I’ve made you of homeschooling, remember the long-term investment. In many ways, homeschooling is like discipline (duh! Didn’t I already say in my first post that its a discipleship model?). Its just like when you have to discipline a misbehaving child. Your son ain’t gonna get it after the first discipline session, not gonna get it after the fifth, tenth; he probably won’t get it on the fiftieth lesson, but eventually, perhaps on discipline number 132, he gets it. When he finally gets it, you feel good, not just because you “succeeded” in discipline, but your son is verifiably, certifiably, in reality wiser for it. So it is with homeschooling. Moreover, by dedicating so much of your own time and effort in your children, you are communicating something about the importance not only of what you are teaching, but of the value learning in general. You also are communicating your personal commitment to them. Of course, your attitude has to be right, but they won’t need to question whether or not you approve of them, you are invested in them. They have that safety net, in you. Also, You will see fruit along the way. You’ll rejoice when your children “get” math and love reading, love science, love history, but remember you are in it for the long haul. Any investment in your children will reap benefits, but the real measure of your success doesn’t come until pretty much when your children have become adults, when they walk in wisdom, genuinely loving Jesus, and when they get to college and excel. Keep your eye on that prize. Fight for the future! It is worth it!


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