Ministering in primitive conditions…OR NOT?

Bertha Smith is probably the most well-known Southern Baptist REVIVAL Missionary. Born and raised in South Carolina, she spent over forty years working with Chinese. After retirement she led spiritual life conferences in churches across the nation. In this letter to the Foreign Mission Board, ‘Miss Bertha’ relates the story of her trek off the beaten path into primitive villages in China. Less you think she was complaining…keep reading!

Letter to Miss Ford from Bertha Smith, Nov 27, 1934, Somewhere in Shantung, China

This is the poorest section of China. Mud houses, dirt floors, dirt walls, no chairs, no nothing which we consider essential to living. We take our own camping outfit…[Still] I can think of no woman in all the world with whom I would exchange places, no, not one. No man’s wife, or kings daughter, or lady in waiting! I did not know to choose the better part but can never thank the Lord enough that He chose me & sent me here to bear fruit for Him. Pray for us, and O, beseech the Lord of the harvest to send forth reapers for truly the harvest is ripe.”

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