Glory on the Mountaintop–A Revival Report

In a newsletter dated Sept. 27, 1933, Abernathy recounts an experience from the revival.[1] That summer, they had planned a Bible Conference on Tai Shan, the sacred mountain of the province. Note: the Shantung province was the provincial home of most of Chinese traditional religions. For ten days, missionaries and Chinese “preachers, teachers, and Bible women” from Tsinan and Tsining met as “one big family” on the mountain. Dr. Lide from Hwanghsien and Miss Bertha Brevard, of the China Direct Mission, were the main speakers. Dr. Lide taught on the Holy Spirit while Miss Brevard taught on the “Victorious Life.” Each day also included dedicated times of “testimony and prayer.” He relates his experience as follows:

It was wonderful to feel the nearness or [sic] God as one after another told what wonderful things He had done for them. Some had been preaching for many years, but only in the past two or three years had they come to know Christ as their Lord and Saviour through regeneration. Some had recently been filled with the Holy Spirit and told what a great difference it had made in their lives and work. Still others who were not regular delegates had come for the sole purpose of finding Christ. Praise His Name some of them found Him and I wish you could have heard their testimony…[a man who previously contemplated suicide as a way out had accepted Christ which] made Christ more real to all of us as we heard him praise the Lord at the top of his voice, the hallelujahs echoing and reechoing up and down the valleys in the twilight that evening. Under the power of the Holy Spirit many who had been saved and filled confessed sins of having let the enemy in and how they had let Christ down, but with tears running down their faces claimed the promises and were again refilled…While we were prayed the sun went down in all its glory, the stars came out and the darkness was all around, but there was a light and glory there which was from none other than Him who on another occasion with three of His disciples was transfigured. We saw His glory, we felt His presence, and like Peter of old, were loth [sic] to leave this place.[2]

[1] Letter to Friend from John A. Abernathy, Sept 27, 1933, Tsinan, Shantung, China.

[2] Ibid.

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