Nathan Finn on the Mission of the Church

Nathan Finn is Associate Professor of Historical Theology and Baptist Studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary; and he has a serious missions streak. When he speaks on Christian mission, he usually does so very well. In light of Chris Wright’s recent lectures on the campus of Southeastern, Dr. Finn asks a serious question on the nature of the mission of the church on the faculty blog, Between the Times. Read his post in full by clicking here.

Ultimately, he asks what we mean when we use the word “church” when discussing mission. He feels that those like Wright are usually speaking about the church universal, whereas those like DeYoung and Gilbert, in their recent book, are talking about the church local. Finn adeptly asks,

to what degree is this a debate between folks who prioritize the church universal versus those who prioritize local churches?

My follow up question is “What does the Bible teach?”



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  1. Why would you want to bring the Bible into a discussion like this and mess up all our nice and neat categories?


    • Alan,

      I know, right?!? Bro, I’m sorry I haven’t read your series on decompartmentalizing mission. It came out during a busy time for me, but I definitely want to read it and will probably be linking to it on my blog. (In case anyone is reading this comment, you can read it before I do by clicking here).

      Until then,


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