Nevius Methods and Church Planting Movements – An Article

If you have read much of my blog in the past, I have posted on various revivals that have occurred in nonWestern lands, such as in Korea, China, and East Africa. I’ve also mentioned a guy named John Nevius quite a bit. He is a missiological hero of the late nineteenth century.

I wrote a doctoral seminar paper on the impact of Nevius’ methods and compared them to what are contemporaneously called Church Planting Movements. I worked on, edited, re-edited, reformatted this paper numerous times over the past three+ years and its finally been published. If you are interested in missiological strategy, global revivals, or church planting movements, I think you will enjoy the read and be encouraged.

Correlating the Nevius Method with Church Planting Movements: Early Korean Revivals as a Case Study


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