In the Garden – A Poem

In the garden of the tree, greater wisdom they desired,

By the serpent, were deceived—in them, our death was sired.

In the garden on that day, both wrath and grace foretold—

Humanity hell to pay—to the serpent, justice doled.

In the garden on the hill, with passion our Savior prayed.

Accepting the Father’s will, the promised one betrayed.

In the garden of the skull, there, he was gently laid.

The cup he drank was full—the wrath of God was staid.

In the garden on that morn’, there, their eyes had seen.

On the day the veil was torn, Jesus ris’n—ris’n indeed!

In the garden at the end, like Him, we, glorified the same.

God, brokenness will mend—trusting, we’ll know no shame!



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  1. Beautiful, Wes. Thanks for sharing, brother.

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