On a recent post about a Trinitarian view of culture, I had a conversation with Andy Harker, who is serving the church in Kenya. We talked about understanding African music from the perspective of a theology of culture. He posted this on his blog “Watumishi wa Neno”. Please give it a read. SEE ABOVE 

Watumishi wa Neno

We’ve said before that musicians and singers should be just as much servants of the Word as preachers. And on the last ministry training week we talked about how we’ve got to be careful about lyrics in just the same way as the words we preach – not just being careful whether they are true or heretical but thinking about how they are heard (e.g. what are people thinking when they hear “There is power, power, wonder working power in the blood of the lamb” especially when the chorus is sung without the verses). But what about tunes and beats? Do they matter? A brother I was talking to recently expressed concern about the influence of ‘secular’ music (e.g. from the nightclub) on Christian music and expressed the idea that certain beats are secular (even demonic) and putting Christian words to ‘secular’ tunes can lead to the singers being drawn back into the World. I put…

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