Missionary Thought of the Day: Hearing the Gospel

In the following story, Miss Bertha Smith relates a story from her experiences as a missionary in China. This story is very important for the ongoing ministry of the gospel because it reveals an important venue for gospel ministry in the world. The least reaching people group in the world today are the deaf. Reaching the deaf is difficult not only because they cannot hear, but even sign language makes it difficult to communicate the metaphors and figurative language found throughout scripture. Not only are workers needed, so is much wisdom. Read along and may God grant you a burden for those who haven’t heard the name of Jesus:

The more I talked and smiled at her the more she smiled, and thinking that she was taking in what I was saying, I just waxed eloquent. In my eagerness to get across into her simple mind all the precious truth about the Lord that I could, and after I had talked several minutes, with a high shrieking voice she said, “I have not heard one word you have said, I am stone deaf.” Now you can imagine what it meant for that dear old woman who had never heard about Jesus coming into the world and taking her place in death that he might bear her burden and die for all that she  was and make is possible for her to spend an eternity with Him in His own heaven. My joy in eagerness to hear brought grief that made tears flow when I learned that I was talking to a woman who never in her life had heard the Gospel, and now never could hear it. She could not read, therefore there was no human way to get the knowledge to her heart.*

May we be as heart-broken over the plight of the deaf and the need to communicate with them the gospel, in this country and throughout the world!

*This particular story was among Bertha Smith’s papers preserved from the Peniel Prayer Center in Cowpens, SC. Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary has a microfilmed copy of these papers. The originals are located in the Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives.

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