Church Planting Thought of the Day: Be at Peace with All Men

If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with allRomans 12:18
I think this verse is well-applied to church planting. As much as our lives are a platform for the gospel, whether locally, regionally or abroad, it is our disposition towards other men and women that make our lives salt and light to the world. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God, Jesus said. Genuineness, sincerity, love, humility, bearing with others’ faults and overlooking others’ sins are all characteristics of the Christian who is a witness of the gospel. If this is something we lack, if we are quick to point out faults, to gossip, to become angry and contentious, let us repent and ask God to fill us with His Spirit once again, and turn away from our sin and seek peace. Seminary, education, knowledge, books all may lead us to exalt ourselves, to think ourselves as right, and to anoint ourselves apostles of truth; rather, let us obtain knowledge with passion for God, considering ourselves as nothing and as servants of all. If we are to be apostles of the gospel, let us seek peace with all men. As we seek peace, not only will we open doors for the gospel, we will truly and sincerely grow in love for others.

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  1. Great advice. Being a peaceful person who is loving and agreeable is not as hard for me as being a peace-MAKER, entering into the tumult of the world and people’s messy arguments and finding solutions leading towards forgiveness and love. Suggestions on this?
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